New GAAP Losses Per Share Will Be Disclosed In About 24 Hours…

Update: 05.09.2017 @ 10 AM EDT: Mattersight common stock has opened down, now — at $3.15 — on medium volumes… looks rather ominous… for tonight.

End, updated portion.

The key question is… how big will those GAAP loses per share be?

There is no doubt that there will be losses — but will it be around $0.15 of loss per share (as Lake Street Capital guesses), or around $0.16 as Craig Hallum expects…

or around $0.17 — as Bob guesses (likely the most dispassionate of us all)…

…or, will it be much closer to $0.20 per share, of GAAP losses, on a fully diluted basis, as I am guessing?

Now, recall that there are over five million new shares in the denominator (for GAAP LPS or EPS — but we KNOW won’t see any “E”!), given that it was at the end of February 2017 that the Reg D offering dilution became part of the share count — so I am candidly expecting a very large loss, in absolute numbers (even if the share count, on a days weighted average basis, didn’t fully balloon until almost 2/3rd of Q1 2017 was over).

We will all know in about 24 hours — but I think the NASDAQ OTC action today reflects the Street’s pessimism about any improvement in Mattersights business model, or near term financial (under-) performance.

Be careful out there.

3 thoughts on “New GAAP Losses Per Share Will Be Disclosed In About 24 Hours…”

  1. Yes, the expansion of the stock base will “improve” results by spreading the loss over more shares, but the real question will be how soon does this micro-cap stock devolve into a nano-cap stock?

    1. Another interesting point… Ryan Swanger is listed as SVP of Sales on their exec page but his linkedin shows he’s now back at eLoyalty. Effectively, this means that Mattersight has no sales or marketing leadership with Dresden, Wesbecher and Swanger leaving. They expect people to buy that they’re growing with no engine for growth? Seems like they continue to cut salaries right before end of quarter in order to inflate their ratios.

      1. Fascinating, matrfail.

        We will wait for a press release to confirm this one, as it seems odd that he’d be “on loan” from eLoyalty to Mattersight.

        We will keep an eye out, just the same.

        Namaste — on yet another truly putrid quarterly performance disclosure night.

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