More Investors From The Private Placement (At $3/Sh) Likely Bailing At $2.72…

Just a smallish note:

This morning, in the first hour and a half of NASDAQ OTC trading — Mattersight saw nearly 400,000 shares change hands. [Normal recent full-day daily volume is like 70,000 shares.]

There were clearly pre-arranged buyers for these shares — otherwise the price would have fallen precipitously.

I would venture a bet that Craig-Hallum lawfully arranged the trades — as part of the continuing stabilization efforts, under the S-3 resale registration statement — which covered the prior Reg. D private placement, from February 2017.

That’s my bet. But I would not expect the Craig-Hallum confab next Wednesday to do much of anything to lift the stock price.

You’ve been warned. [And perhaps — just perhaps — this long-running blog becomes a virtual bill-board, of sorts — to solicit appropriately injured federal securities law class action plaintiffs — there must be thousands of deeply disappointed investors out there, now.]

It is also interesting that computers residing on the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s government IP backbone visit here, pretty regularly… maybe I should ring them up, as well. Wry smile…

One thought on “More Investors From The Private Placement (At $3/Sh) Likely Bailing At $2.72…”

  1. MATR is a fascinating thing to watch. While the employees and board of directors drone on, “Kelly Conway is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

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