So Viex Is Long Mattersight At Around $2.45 (Average)… On About One-Third Of Its Holdings

The other about two-thirds, or over a million shares, were acquired prior to the last 90 days — and so prices are not required to be disclosed, under SEC rules.

[It is likely however, that those million or so shares were acquired above $2.70, since Viex became an active buyer at $2.70, going into Memorial Day weekend this year.] But let’s be generous and assume that the hedge fund’s weighted average basis in its MATR position is about $2.50. The salient question is… what will be the fund’s reaction to a stunningly worse than predicted (by Wall Street analysts, at least) Q2 2017 GAAP Losses Per Share — in about 15 days?

Mattersight will announce what I predict will be about $0.21 per share of GAAP Loss Per Share, from Operations, on August 8, 2017. Bob’s model predicts ($0.22). The two “paid” analysts are on record at ($0.16) and ($0.17), respectively.

Mr. Singer — as an activist five per cent stockholder, may make quick moves, once the Q2 losses are disclosed. We shall see.

More soon, but Bob and I need to confer — as much is developing in real time.

So we will stay quiet — in the public space — for a bit.

But do be careful out there — as the new masthead implies, there are sharks in MATR’s open water NASDAQ OTC share volumes,  once more….

2 thoughts on “So Viex Is Long Mattersight At Around $2.45 (Average)… On About One-Third Of Its Holdings”

  1. Prior estimates didn’t include the costs to exit the Hercules deal and given that financing seems to be an annual activity at MATR, the costs of this activity should be considered an operational cost and not one-time things used to “adjust” results for publication to investors.

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