Customary Shiny Object Alert! (Pre Q2 2017 Results Edition)…

So — this happened (or at least Mattersight is trumpeting it, today). [Update: I think Mr. Conway means to trumpet this largely trivial continuation US Patent No. 9,667,788 B2 (an almost 3 MB PDF file), from May of 2017. But whatever.]

And we mentioned the concept of it here, before [a space already known to be dominated IBM (See US Patent No. 9,369,410) and soon to be applied by Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft et al.]….

And in REAL NEWS: expect a truly horrific Q2 loss, from continuing operations, in about five days.


One thought on “Customary Shiny Object Alert! (Pre Q2 2017 Results Edition)…”

  1. One doesn’t merely apply for a patent reflecting intellectual creativity and inventiveness. They are purchased from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Each swing of the rubber stamp represents a mighty ka-ching! for the US Treasury. Kelly Conway is doing his part with shareholders money to reduce the US deficit by increasing the company’s deficit.


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