[U] What Makes A “Peer”, A Peer? Additional Observations, From “Bob”…

Without any additional wind-up, then… here’s the pitch — and a link to his last one on this topic (click the image to enlarge):

“…Gartner apparently doesn’t rank Mattersight anymore.

In 2015, Mattersight eagerly announced they were listed in Gartner’s “Hype-Cycle” for Call Center Infrastructure for 2015 report.  Since that time, any new recognition by Gartner for Mattersight as a player in their market seems to have gone dormant.

Since that time, Gartner has released a new “Magic Quadrant” for vendors in Mattersight’s space.  In the 2017 “Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management”, both Nice and Verint are featured in the upper right quadrant, the primo position reserved for “leaders” and “visionaries” with high marks for “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision”. 

Not only is Mattersight not listed on the Magic Quadrant, but they aren’t mentioned in the report at all and I can’t seem to find Mattersight listed in any of the call center related Gartner publications for 2017.

Peers?  I don’t think Nice or Verint consider them a peer.

Peers? If the kid that gets stuck in right field in grade school pickup baseball games is a peer of Bryce Harper, then, well, yeah….”

[Editorial Note: The graphic at above right is derived from Gartner’s 2017 “Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management” — fair use claimed for the purpose of identification of Mattersight’s  true “peers”. So see the lower left quadrant of the included chart.]

Now you know — and we had speculated in 2014 that Gatner might be receiving discounted product from Mattersight… we were never able to confirm that… but, Mattersight is clearly NOT “the ghost with the most, here, babe!…”

Onward — and be careful out there. 

Updated — 2:30 PM CDT: it looks like we are seeing a dead cat bounce, late today, on below average NASDAQ volume….

Is Viex Capital buying some more? Who knows… seriously… who cares?


3 thoughts on “[U] What Makes A “Peer”, A Peer? Additional Observations, From “Bob”…”

  1. Looking at the transactions starting at 1 Eastern it appears there was a single party that was accumulating stock in small chunks at regular intervals for the rest of the trading day.

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