TRIVIA ALERT: For The Second Time In As Many Years…

In small-cap stocks, ones that are thinly traded — and especially ones where large chunks of the float are in stable, long term hands…

One will occasionally see market participants, and even a market maker, spending a few thousand dollars to “paint a picture” in the daily chart. See at right.

This is one of the most common of those — and we’ve remarked on other days and times when the same has been painted. What makes this series of Mattersight ones a little more unusual, is that there were no other trades, for an hour and a half before, and an hour and a half after the EKG pulse wave was painted. It was deeply intentional (in my opinion), but if each trade was reversed at days end, it is unlikely that anyone lost or made much of anything while “the drawing” was being timed out. Trust me — it is the actual chart — from the 24th. [I screen-capped it in my iPhone in real time, mid afternoon on that day — then reversed the polarization to convert the Apple black background chart to white — in pixlr.]

For my part, I still think Q3 2017 is going to be terrible for Mattersight — with more disappointing variances, from prior guidance.


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