Q3 2017 GAAP Operating Loss Results Tonight… Gonna’ Be REAL Ugly.

I will succinctly, and simply, bet that Craig-Hallum is off by over 25 per cent, on its model for GAAP operating losses per share.

Bob and I are expressing our predicitons as absolute figures, at right, since the share count has bounced all over the map of late.

In sum, Craig Hallum’s 14 cents of GAAP loss per share is about 25 per cent too optimistic.

The loss (on an apples to apples basis) is highly-likely to be over $0.17 per share.

Buckle up for yet another train wreck. Personally, I can’t wait to see Mr. Singer’s reaction. He’s in at an average of around $2.50 or so — and I see Wednesday’s Mattersight open on the NASDAQ OTC as dipping very near $2.00 — perhaps even below it.

We shall see. [To be clear, neither of us are short or long MATR, nor have we ever been so, in the last five years.]


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