Holiday 2017 Trivia: Why Is This Venerable NY Law Firm Stalking Our Site?

This really is trivia, and we will likely tell the tale, early in the new year, before full year 2017 GAAP loss per share results are press-released by the company…. but it is fun trivia.

Since it will be quiet next week — I’ll tease the story now, with a graphic — and suggest that it will all be clearer in early 2018.

As to the facts, though — know that computers, tablets and smartphones inside the NYC offices of the firm at right have visited daily, and often morning and evening — every weekday for about six weeks solid now. Going on 200 separate visits… usually of more than five minutes each.

I do know who the firm represents in these particular matters. And it makes a fascinating “cat and mouse tale,” indeed. The pace quickens (visit frequency accelerates) every time Mattersight’s stock dips below $2.50 per share, as it did this morning — and for the last several mornings, on and off.

So do look back in — in the new year. It will be good for grins.

And now — to all of good will — Joyous Solstice, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. . . be excellent to one another. . . . — just as as it was in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Smiling at you, five years on. . . .

5 thoughts on “Holiday 2017 Trivia: Why Is This Venerable NY Law Firm Stalking Our Site?”

  1. Soon, I’m going to offer up an annual performance review for Kelly Conway in advance of official Q4 numbers and reviewing his published performance goals from the annual report.

    However, now that we have massive changes to tax law, I think it’s important to look at how some of this will affect MATR.

    1. Corporate tax rate drops from 35% to 21%. A 40% reduction. Not that MATR makes a taxable profit, but it reduces the value of the accumulated deficit by 40% to a potential buyer. This is a $40M hit to MATR’s market value which should be reflected in the stock price in coming weeks.

    2. Short-lived capital assets (most of what MATR capitalizes) can now be fully deducted in the year the asset is acquired. Residual depreciation of such assets still on the books can be deducted in year 2018. What I think this means is that the pathetic dodge of touting EBITDA every quarter is moot. A company like MATR is now operating/reporting on a cash-flow basis.

    There are some other things, and I’ll add them to this list as I think of them.

  2. 3. Accumulated deficits can only be used to shelter up to 80% of income. This reduces the value of MATR’s accumulated deficit a little bit more to a potential acquirer as the time value of money deflates the real value of the accumulated deficit. It’s not like the accumulated deficit is cash in the bank being invested. Its a nominal value that doesn’t change over time (except when a company adds more deficit to it or reduces it by making a profit – not likely in MATR’s case).

  3. 4. Profitable companies are offering raises and bonuses to their employers because their taxes are going down. How will Mattersight compete?

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