Hard To Tell, With Mattersight’s “Long Term Broken” Web-Site…

…But I think it looks like Mattersight will post its Q4 and full year 2017 GAAP losses per share from continuing operations on Valentines’ night, at around 4 PM Chicago time.

I say “it looks like” — because no other part of the investors’ section of the website is working. It is not being maintained, or updated.

And a simple text entry indicates that is the day and time. Of course, this doesn’t comply with NASDAQ rules, as a press release is required to alert the markets to year end results.

But… whatever. Why would Mattersight begin to adopt best practices, with regard to the numerous rules applicable to its status as a public company, in this (or any other) regard? I mean…. why bother, now?

The website in the investors’ section, at least… has the look of an old west ghost town. I half expected a tumble-weed would roll lazily by… but those graphics cost money. Something Mattersight… largely lacks.

And that (a ghost-town) is what this stock has become — for most investors.

3 thoughts on “Hard To Tell, With Mattersight’s “Long Term Broken” Web-Site…”

  1. Pretty late to be announcing them, too. It takes time to feverishly sharpen pencils and wipe away eraser debris as you work to get them just right.

  2. The investor section continues to tout a large and untapped market for THEIR services to the tune of $5billion annually. They claim it’s 5% penetrated, or $250m. These claims haven’t changed much in years. MATR’s $45m makes them an ankle-biter in their own self-described market, while the broader analytics market is exploding.

    Not making much headway, are you, Conway? That kind of happens when you make poor strategic choices, coupled with bad management.

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