[U] Losses Of ~$20 Million, Tonight? All Based On Bob’s Solid 2017 Model Work…

UPDATED @ NASDAQ Closing Bell: Here is the press release. GAAP losses available to common were mitigated by what looks like a suicidal level of cost cutting. The top line did not grow well, but we will wait for the call to post separately on that. Even so, the company didn’t make any GAAP profit on the year — or the nearly two decades, either…. [End updated portion — off, to a Valentine’s Party….]

In about an hour and a half from now, Mattersight will announce GAAP LPS for the full year 2017.

That much is certain. [Here — for easy reference — is Bob’s fine prior work.]

But because share count has been all over the place this year (i.e., rising), we will make our final prediction on the gross amount of GAAP losses available to common shareholders for the year. Through the first three quarters of 2017, that figure had eclipsed $15.2 million.

As Bob showed us, the company is likely to lose around $4.6 million here just in Q4 2017.

So — will the full year GAAP loss come in around $19.6 million, or over $20.2 million, as I am guessing?

We will know in about an hour and a half or so, now. I see a Chicago style Valentine’s Day… massacre — can it really have been 89 years ago this evening…? Whoosh… time flies.

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